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The magazine takes complex and sometimes difficult to understand TVP concepts and breaks them down into more readily understandable real-world examples to help everyone understand this massive proposal much easier. We also introduce readers to many newer technologies and ideas that may help to propel humanity beyond the current mess we’re in.

The magazine is compatible with any device and operating system. We also have other tools like curated news and videos based on automated systems to bring the best news and videos from around the world, plus a huge and interactive quiz based on all of our issues to test your knowledge about TVP or the world in general.


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Fantastic Job, The best explanation of languages I have ever read. I tend not to be a nit-picker when it comes to language, i.e. if somebody asks me "Toilet where is" I understand that they are asking where is the toilet. Although it may seem wrongly worded, maybe in their language it is the normal syntax. Keep up the good work, I will sponsor you... I try to spread the word about the Venus Project but as you mentioned there are some people who are 10 year projects. In the meantime I am trying to do my bit for the world, teaching my kid to think laterally and without discrimination. I am also in the process of a Solar Panel project for my house which will emancipate me from financial slavery (at least for electricity), plus reduce my carbon footprint, eventually plan to buy an electric car too. I try to grow my own fruits and vegetables in my garden. I have read all the issues of TVP magazine from the very first day you published.
By Eren
Thanks Luke, your article in TVPM was inspiring, many good and real life experience and sharing that can be helpful the next time I try to talk to people about TVP.
YongPhing (1)
By YongPhing
Special thanks to you for being inspired from the article "Rethinking Education" by Tio. It contributed to me by quit from the university degree and start receiving proper and interesting education through the internet, gain the skills that I want.
Emanuel Gabbay (1)
By Emanuel Gabbay
I enjoy reading the deeply detailed content presented in this article. It's engagingly interesting to read a completely alternative perspective from the everyday loop accepted by the general public. Nice work. I highly recommend TVP Magazine to my friends.
Gabriel Zaldivar
By Gabriel Zaldivar
About TVPM Earth ebook: "Very thought provoking and refreshing assembly of facts without the popular but confusing addition of biased opinions. Well presented, streamlined and easy to digest."
Adam Manning
By Adam Manning
Wasn't much of a magazine fan in the past, that changed when I came across this amazing work. Very well laid out and happy to help financially so that others not as fortunate are not deprived from learning from TVP Magazine.
Badr AlMeeman (1)
By Badr AlMeeman
As a curious young cell of this tortured planet, your magazine is very inspirational to me.  I would like everyone to be concerned about the topics you talk about, but it seems we are a rare species on earth... for now.  I want to support your ambitious but amazing project and help you spread your ideas so that future generations may finally find the right path to a more "civilized" world than we think it already is.  Thank you for relieving me from headaches when I feel like I do't belong in a such unbalanced society. With all my respect and consideration, Eva Buchet, French 22 year-old IT student
By Eva Buchet
TVP magazine has become one of my favorite tools to help 'outsiders' past their initial reflex of cognitive dissonance and immature insights in what The Venus Project socio-economic philosophy is all about. Thank you so much for the ongoing effort in collecting and impressively publishing the most interesting and mind broadening news and refreshing perspectives so much needed by a global society desperately yearning for a fundamental change of course.
Philippe Defossez
By Philippe Defossez
proofread: I'm very impressed by this magazine because it makes me understand the world and the philosophies better.  I have many difficulties to understand because I'm from Romania, but with the help of Google Translate, everything goes well.  I try my best to understand.  With this feedback, I want to say thank you for these articles, and I wish you the best and success in future work.
Berende Bogdan
By Berende Bogdan
TVPMagazine is, in my honest opinion, the most interesting, well done, and relevant thing 've ever read online. Before the magazine, TVP was just an interesting concept to me, but now I feel like it is a vision of the possible future, a truly progressive movement worth supporting and becoming a part of. I have pondered alternative systems quite a bit, and I would love to help build on and grow this project. If there is anything I can do, I am here. Thanks for all the hard work.
Samuel G
By Samuel G.
Very informative and insightful. Makes you think about things in a different way. Keep up the good work.
By Zoe
I live in Kazakhstan and 'd like to say that this is the best magazine I’ve ever read. It had a profound influence to my lifestyle, to my way of thinking. I want to say you thanks for your work.
Azamat Aimeken
By Azamat Aimeken
This magazine is awesome! It does a great job at explaining ideas which can seem complicated at first. I have learned so much from reading it.
Kyle V
By Kyle V.
Mr Rodrigo's fifth grade English class in Buenos Aires, Argentina uses TVP Magazine to learn about the world. The first image shows the classroom notes that were taken after reading pages 152-157 from our special issue "Earth". The second picture shows what the students created to show how they feel about TVP Magazine, or as Mr Rodrigo put it, "And then some hope-bringing messages from 10 year-old homo-sapiens". We are delighted that they are gaining so much from TVP and TVP Magazine, and if you are reading this, kids, we want you to know that YOU ROCK, TOO!
By TVP Magazine helps children learn complex concepts
Just want to say that I enjoy your magazine a lot. It is very interesting and thought provoking. Please keep doing what you do, and, I hope that when my financial situation improves, I can contribute to donating and supporting your brilliant work. Much love from Geneva, Switzerland.
By Sito
Dear Tio, Your valuable article called "TVP Magazine Needs Your Help!" really helped me develop a feeling of deep appreciation and gratefulness for the valuable time and effort you kindly spend for creating TVPM. Now that I am more aware of the efforts that are made for preparing this unique and informative magazine, I have much more reason to read it more thoroughly and carefully than before. Keep up the good work. 🙂 With best wishes for both of you.
By Alex Anderson
Hallo! I so far agree with Jaque Fresco and his team in all points concerning a need for humanity to cease living on extreme"capitalistic" bases. Kindest regards and all my admiration for all the positive work you do.
By Bernard A.K.
Awesome read and thoroughly enjoyed it! Great Work
James Bonshor
By James Bonshor
Tvp magazine is an outstanding source of information not found yet from other sources.
Cosimo R
By Cosimo R.
As with everything Venus project related, I learn more, I grasp more, am able to understand and process all the information in order to see what we can do about ... nowadays... and the future. After all I do hope we will be able to witness changes of hearts and minds to the future for every single being on planet Earth. I am also, thanks to the TVPM , able to spread all of the thoughts, ideas and deeds around hoping to make other experience and see how the world can be.
Jelena Ajdarević
By Jelena Ajdarević
Hey TVP, I love the article explaining the water in its three states! I think it should entirely be in every schoolbook!
Nikolay Yanakiev
By Nikolay Yanakiev
Beautiful work on this magazine! Something for everyone and anyone! Positive learning experience for the most part. I desire to get to work on this project. Big thanks for YOUR efforts and inspirations!
By One of our readers
Groundbreaking work, truly triumphant dedication, and time and effort well spent in developing what I call the truth. I removed my hat for Jacque Fresco and his team. Cheers!
By Izzy
For me, it gives understandable and practical examples to understand some difficult subjects, and to me, this is very helpful given that language is subject to interpretation.  Examples give me a better way to understand what you mean by your words.  Also, I really like how you combine the latest news subjects (eg. Ebola virus) with some more general subjects (eg. how our values can be considered viruses).  In addition, it gives me scientific info which expands my knowledge on how humans relate to everything else in this world (eg. how many other living species exist), and sometimes this makes me feel really excited!
By Christos from Greece
Dear volunteers at the TVP Magazine, Your great and unique publication is truly expanding my horizon and at the same time correcting some misconceptions I used to have about some subjects. As an example, your article about Freedom and Democracy by Colin, greatly helped me correct my wrong idea about considering the US as the freest country on Earth. Wishing you all the best
By Alex Anderson
This magazine is so awesome! After I learned about the Venus Project and the Magazine, I completely changed my view of the world and myself. I appreciate, which others also say, that the Project and the Magazine has pulled me out of deep depression in an unbelievable short amount of time. No Pill or Doctor could have "healed" me better from my detrimental views than the Venus Project! Thank you!
By Adrian from Germany
Tio, Thank you for the magazine and for the time and effort you put into it month after month 🙂 This is one thing I look forward to each month and share with my loved ones, friends, aquaintances, etc... It is amazing how each article has something that will click with a particular person and get them started thinking of progress, harmony, TVP. While I embrace TVP wholeheartedly, I find people are slow to warm up, hesitant, which is normal (vaccine needed :)) and the magazine makes a tremendous difference in my own efforts to educate and help others in gentle ways. For this is a beautiful path, beautiful idea, that begs to be embraced, put into practice, come to fruition. Jacque is truly a brilliant mind and compassionate heart! What a combo! Thank you again, Tio, you do a marvelous job!
By Helen, from Charleston, SC
The top magazine inspires my imagination and encourages me to look at things in a different way and question things rather than accept the "given" explanation and opinions of things. I question how our world and societies are run and organised and by whom and for what reason they are doing it. I have learned about the REAL monetary system and how we live in perpetual debt and how working for a living has made us a world of modern day slaves having to work to get the money we need to survive and exist in today's world. I have learn to think bigger thoughts and dream bigger dreams and hope that one day ideas will get a chance to thrive and humanity will be brave enough to try and live a different way. I have TVP and the many videos you have produced and linked me to to thank for opening my mind further and seeing that I wasn't paranoid for suspecting big companies and politicians for being corrupt. In short I love the magazine and TVP in general and I will continue to read and encourage others to educate themselves by reading its content. Thank you and keep up the good work!
By Tony Kerr
This magazine is great!  I've been reading it whenever I have the chance.  I think my e-subscription goes back about a year, so there are several issues to read.  It's such a huge amount of material that I never get to finish the current issue before a new one arrives in my inbox.  That's ok!  It's a good problem to have (i.e. too much good stuff to read).  Thank you.  Hopefully all these future ideas will become a real future soon...
By Christina
Thank you for your amazing articles. Please continue, they are so much interesting.
Jérémy Goussé
By Jérémy Goussé
I feel compelled to express my sincere acknowledgment and congratulate you for the excellent job you've made. This is obviously made with heart and commitment.
Anastasis Maraslis
By Anastasis Maraslis
Tvp magazine is so full of high quality information it's made my new scientists subscription (£3.90 a magazine) obsolete.
By Fynn
Very insightful. 'm waiting the next issue eagerly. Every issue gives me new ideas and always corrects and shapes my biased attitudes on different angles.Tio, you are amazing :)...Keep up the good job.
By Tedla, From Ethiopia
Super informational and written in a simple and concise manner where a wide audience can understand. Keep up the great work Tio and other contributing members!!!
By Edward
Just started reading the magazine, what you present is concise, imaginative and persuasive. A real eye-opener.
Matthew Motte
By Matthew Motte
The magazine is very rich in content, including links to sources, videos, graphics etc. that satisfy even the most demanding reader  and with wonderfully varying subjects/themes in each number. The only magazine I read from cover to cover every time + I love the fact that you store it, so I don't have to - allowing me to go back to older issues if and when I so desire.
Riitta Veijalainen
By Riitta Veijalainen
Effective way of utilizing media! Thank you for taking the time to prepare such amazing educational magazine. I have learned and enjoyed it all the time. Keep it up!
By Zekarias
Loved the article on Education. Thank you for this wonderful magazine!
By Jose
Insightful articles...keep up the Great work! Thx
Tony Roberts
By Tony Roberts from Simi Valley, CA
I absolutely love these publications as this truly provides some of the best material to show people everyday that this is a real option as I have heard many time that this is just a "pyramid scheme" or some excuse as shallow as this as they try to reduce the message into something less than it truly is but instead you provide examples and content that are just pointing out the blatant dishonesty we let happen every day because we forgot to continue to progress after the 19 century. Thank you!
Carleton Gruger
By Carleton Gruger from Edmonton, Alberta
I just want to say a billion thank you's!!  Every article is extremely well written and exciting and thought provoking.  I have such hope for the future!  Keep doing the great work and I'll keep sharing everything.
By Jacqueline Oscvirk
TVPMagazine is certainly an eye openner and makes one realize that we live in a prison of our own self-imposed illusions. "WOW" Thank you!!!!
By Agnes Jagica Bartusek
Love the articles you publish, you mention very key points without offending anyone's cultural background, which is key to communication in the world we living. Great work, you guys rock!
Ramon Bello
By Ramon Bello
Amazing reads. Short and informative. Pieces that can change the way we see ourselves, our world and our planet that is nothing less than "splendid"!
By Rainan
Very progressive, informative and inspiring. Thank you all for everything being done to one day bring paradise to Earth.
By Sandy Clark from Northern Saskatchewan
The contents are variable and rich. I like the links so you read on more if a subject interests you a bit over the average. The graphical content is great and gives you a better connection to what you are reading about. Keep up the super work you all have been doing. All the love.
By Rodrigo Osorio
Simply gorgeous way of educating people.
By Sebastian
Really interesting magazine. I did read everything. Just wanted to thank you and TVP people. TVPMagazine offers me a better understanding of how some technologies work.
Sidney Ooms
By Sidney Ooms from the Netherlands
Reading tvp magazine feels like spending a day in some super advance future society and then coming back to this one. Once you have, you never see things the same again as the knowledge and understanding you get from it allows you, sometimes sadly, to understand real causes and effects. The real truth behind everything they cover. The one sad thing about reading tvp is that it lays bare how backwards we still are. Once you start understanding how things should be and realizing you're not the only one that feels a certain weird way about the world you live in, you realize how uncivilized, moronic and unsophisticated we still are overall. And how corrupted and brainwashed we always are to some extent without even realizing it. Feels like being a kid again and having those moments when you have a major realization every few years that changes the way you see everything around you including you. Like a mental grow spurt. Like your intellect went up to another level.. I like the topics and the depth with which they deal with them and break things down to their basics making everything so much easier to understand. It's pathetic that a magazine with this content has to beg for pennies to survive. I'll be buying hard copies in case they ever go away or maybe the whole venus project goes away. I'll pass them on to the next generation in the family.
Thony Trinidad
By Thony Trinidad
I just want to thank you very much. 'm not the one who often writes feedback or the one who reads a magazine in one breath. Nevertheless, this is exactly what TVPM "makes" me do and on top of it all, it inspires me every time I read it. To help TVP, to help its cause, or "just" inspires me to become a smarter, saner, more objective (more driven by facts, experience than opinions) person. So this is a big thank you and keep up with the good work 😉 Best wishes, Marek Juhar
Marek Juhar
By Marek Juhar
I'm greatly thanked to have find a such an informative, opened mind like magazine such TVP Magazine. 've been learning a lot of things 've never questioned before and have been accepted as "normal" and with your great articles well written - simple, plain language - just opened my eyes. Thank you! Thank you!
JP Outeiro
By JP Outeiro (from Portugal)