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What people say about the magazine: 

Christos from Greece

“For me, it gives understandable and practical examples to understand some difficult subjects, and to me, this is very helpful given that language is subject to interpretation.  Examples give me a better way to understand what you mean by your words.  Also, I really like how you combine the latest news subjects (eg. Ebola virus) with some more general subjects (eg. how our values can be considered viruses).  In addition, it gives me scientific info which expands my knowledge on how humans relate to everything else in this world (eg. how many other living species exist), and sometimes this makes me feel really excited!”

Adrian from Germany

“This magazine is so awesome! After I learned about the Venus Project and the Magazine, I completely changed my view of the world and myself. I appreciate, which others also say, that the Project and the Magazine has pulled me out of deep depression in an unbelievable short amount of time. No Pill or Doctor could have “healed” me better from my detrimental views than the Venus Project! Thank you!”

Helen, from Charleston, SC

“Tio, Thank you for the magazine and for the time and effort you put into it month after month :) This is one thing I look forward to each month and share with my loved ones, friends, aquaintances, etc… It is amazing how each article has something that will click with a particular person and get them started thinking of progress, harmony, TVP. While I embrace TVP wholeheartedly, I find people are slow to warm up, hesitant, which is normal (vaccine needed :)) and the magazine makes a tremendous difference in my own efforts to educate and help others in gentle ways. For this is a beautiful path, beautiful idea, that begs to be embraced, put into practice, come to fruition. Jacque is truly a brilliant mind and compassionate heart! What a combo! Thank you again, Tio, you do a marvelous job! “

Tedla, From Ethiopia

“Very insightful. ‘m waiting the next issue eagerly. Every issue gives me new ideas and always corrects and shapes my biased attitudes on different angles.Tio, you are amazing :)…Keep up the good job.”


“Super informational and written in a simple and concise manner where a wide audience can understand. Keep up the great work Tio and other contributing members!!!”


“This magazine is great!  I’ve been reading it whenever I have the chance.  I think my e-subscription goes back about a year, so there are several issues to read.  It’s such a huge amount of material that I never get to finish the current issue before a new one arrives in my inbox.  That’s ok!  It’s a good problem to have (i.e. too much good stuff to read).  Thank you.  Hopefully all these future ideas will become a real future soon…”

Matthew Motte

“Just started reading the magazine, what you present is concise, imaginative and persuasive. A real eye-opener.”

Riitta Veijalainen

“The magazine is very rich in content, including links to sources, videos, graphics etc. that satisfy even the most demanding reader  and with wonderfully varying subjects/themes in each number. The only magazine I read from cover to cover every time + I love the fact that you store it, so I don’t have to – allowing me to go back to older issues if and when I so desire.”


“Effective way of utilizing media! Thank you for taking the time to prepare such amazing educational magazine. I have learned and enjoyed it all the time. Keep it up!”


“Loved the article on Education. Thank you for this wonderful magazine!”

Tony Roberts from Simi Valley, CA

“Insightful articles…keep up the Great work! Thx”

Carleton Gruger from Edmonton, Alberta

“I absolutely love these publications as this truly provides some of the best material to show people everyday that this is a real option as I have heard many time that this is just a “pyramid scheme” or some excuse as shallow as this as they try to reduce the message into something less than it truly is but instead you provide examples and content that are just pointing out the blatant dishonesty we let happen every day because we forgot to continue to progress after the 19 century. Thank you!”

Jacqueline Oscvirk

“I just want to say a billion thank you’s!!  Every article is extremely well written and exciting and thought provoking.  I have such hope for the future!  Keep doing the great work and I’ll keep sharing everything.”

AgnesJagica Bartusek

“TVPMagazine is certainly an eye openner and makes one realize that we live in a prison of our own self-imposed illusions. “WOW” Thank you!!!!”

Daniel Carl Ivan

“The contents are variable and rich. I like the links so you read on more if a subject interests you a bit over the average, The graphical content is great and gives you a better connection to what you are reading about. Keep up the super work you all have been doing. All the love.”

Rodrigo Osorio

“Very complete jewel”

Ramon Bello

“Love the articles you publish, you mention very key points without offending anyone’s cultural background, which is key to communication in the world we living. Great work, you guys rock!”

Sandy Clark from Northern Saskatchewan

“Very progressive, informative and inspiring. Thank you all for everything being done to one day bring paradise to Earth.”

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